The climate is in the summer hot and in the winter mild. So you can do sports every day in the year. Sometimes it can be very windy with rain because of the wind «Tramontana».

Generally the weather is good. Best for sports is in the morning or late afternoon. In any case, do not forget the suncream! A cool breeze usually blows in the summer, witch is nice in the hot weather.

As the name «Sport Hotel Club Tennis Darnius» tells you, the focus of our sports is tennis. But also the cyclists, whether road or off-road, will find ideal conditions for their sport.

Another important sport is fishing. The nearby lake and our infrastructure are ideal for anglers.

Especially for smaller groups our small hotel is perfect for them. You have more and less the whole hotel with the sport facility for your own.

Sport package

If you book the sport package all sports activities like tennis, mountain bikes, boates etc are included.
Floodlight, tennis ball machine, boat motors etc have to paid extra.